Sambalpur a beautiful city of western Odisha known for its cultural heritage, ancient temples, nd natural exquisiteness.  Origin of the Name Sambalpur comes from the presiding  Goddess Maa Samleswari . The city was much older but its name was found and estabilised by King Balram Dev on 16th century .

Many famous historian and visitors wrote and mentioned about Sambalpur in their books and writing . Edward Gibbon mentioned about sambalpur in his novel (Decline and fall of Roman empire) that Diamond was supplied to Rome from a place named “Sumelpur” which is currently known as Sambalpur . The French traveller Tavernier’s writing in also about sambalpur that it was a ancient diamond mines .

An ancient centre of Diamond , The city Sambalpur is famous for its tie and dye textiles , folk Song and dance , as well as world’s largest earth dam i.e Hirakud Dam.

The city is located on the river bank of Mahanadi just 330 Km away from the capital Bhubneswar well connected in Road and Rail . The nearest airport is Raipur just 270Km from sambalpur .
Sambalpur soon experience air services after the completation of airport at jharsugura just 50km away.


With nature’s blessing Sambalpur is gifted with many ancient temples , monuments and beautiful places .One can find many temples and visiting places near sambalpur .


Hirakud (15 Km Away from Town)

Hirakud Dam side is one of the best visiting places in Odisha .As the name mention Hira-Kud , Mines of diamond , it was a diamond before and now world’s longest earth dam . The best time to visit this place in August to December as the entire area is filled with water exaggerate the beauty of surrounding of Hirakud Dam .There is a awesome view of reservoir and many small islands from the top of the dam tower which is just amazing . The Right dyke and zero point are also very beautiful places , one can enjoy a travelling experience on the dyke side enhance the beauty of the place .

Huma(30km away from town)

Huma is famous for the only leaning temple of the World dedicated to lord Shiva situated on the river bank of Mahanandi . Huma is a very nice place for expedition & visitors are much excited to see the architectural brilliance of lean temple and special kind of fish found on the river bank of the temple.It is believed that the fish are assets of Lord Shiva so no one dare to catch them . The best time to visit this place during the month of March on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri.



Ghanteswari Temple
This is a famous temple just 40 km far from main city as the name suggest the “deity of Bells” or Goddess of Bell  , devotee offers bells as gift to goddess to fulfil their wishes . The place is surrounded by  bells , bells are every where . This is a full year tourist place but the best time is winter .


Deer park

This is a mini zoo is located on the conurbation of Sambalpur . There are four horned antelopes, barking deer, leopard, ratel, sloth bear, parakeet monkey, civet, python , peacocks and many other are spotted here. Besides the zoo there are several kind of flowers planted in the garden.Specially children enjoy very well here.


Ushakothi is a wildlife sanctuary established in 1962 over  an area of 300  just 40 km away from the town . Elephants, Tigers, Gours, Sambars, Black Panthers, Deer, Spotted Deer, and Wild Bears could be find in this sanctuary .There are two watching towers from where visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of the forest .